Mistress of the Dark

Licensed by the queen herself

The Elvira suit is a Halloween classic and it has been for more than 25 years. She comes up any time you think about Halloween. She is one of the things that that go bump in the night. Elvira was the hostess with the mostess of a Hollywood horror TV show way back in 1981, and ever since then she has grabbed our hearts with her cold hands and become a cult horror star. Who was not a fan of Elvira’s Movie Macabre TV show? Everyone loved the witty vampire looking Mistress of the Dark!

Elvira Halloween costume accessories

And now more than ever she and her costume are very popular. If you are looking to be recognized this Halloween then you need to wear this outfit. Yes, these are the officially licensed Elvira costumes approved by Elvira! So you know you are getting an authentic look! All of our dresses hug tightly to every curve of the body. Yes thats right every curve! Heck we even have dresses for the guys.

This sexy persona is ideal for Halloween as it combines dark elegance along with a vampy look. Of course don’t forget the fright factor too. Aside from the look you can portray her character with sharp snappy valley girl comebacks. Make a big impression at the party, of course how could you not when you dress up as Elvira!) Aside from that you will catch the eye of every guy there. Go on and ham it up while dressed up as the Mistress of the Dark. It will be a sure way to scream up some fun for you and everyone else. The Elvira Halloween costume is undoubtedly a graceful and alluring hassle-free black gown which is torn at the edges (This is the little black dress that mom says every woman should have in her closet). Yes, it does expose your most appealing asset… or should we say assets with a low neckline in a tasteful but sexy way (of course we have others that are less low cut for a more conservative look). You will end up being equally enchanting and mesmerizing wearing this outfit.